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* Institutional Development: To build the capacity of governmental and non-governmental bodies, DHSD provides assistance to improve professionalism, strengthen internal management and administrative functions, and develop long-term sustainability.

* Monitoring and Evaluation: To ensure that program investments effectively serve the strategic objectives and requirements of program funding organizations, DHSD provides expertise in monitoring the performance and evaluating the results and impact of development activities across all sectors.

* Conflict Management: To achieve faster, less expensive and fairer resolutions of commercial and family law issues, DHSD assists in establishing and promoting non-court solutions to legal disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

* Training Needs Assessment

* Feasibility studies


Hazard Assessment and Analysis

Recent legislative changes require that all employers identify the hazards in their work place, implement control measures as appropriate and communicate the same to their employees.  We can assist at all levels

Safety Program Development 

We can assist you in developing or revising your safety program ensuring that it meets all standards applicable to your industry.  The focus of our development is ensuring that the employer can easily achieve their Certificate of Recognition as well as be able to prove

Incident Management / Investigation

Unless the "Human Factor" is completely removed from the workplace, there will be incidents.  We can help you put an appropriate incident management / investigation system in place.  In cases where there has been a serious incident we are available to assist on behalf of the employer.

Emergency Response Planning

It is required that employers in Alberta have an appropriate Emergency Response Plan in place.  We can help you assess your needs, make the appropriate plans and test the system.

Safe Work Procedure Development

Safe work procedures are a cornerstone of effective safety programs and are looked for with most audits.  We can show you how to develop and implement all pertinent components.

Confined Space Entry Program Development

Legislation calls for specific procedures where confined space is involved.  We can explain confined spaces and assist you in developing appropriate procedures.


Hazard and Operability studies are generally used to look at the process / systems involved with a manufacturing process but can also be used to look at operations within the construction industry as well.  We can assist the employer in performing HAZOP as a function of the hazard identification and control process.

Project Safety Management - Short and Long Term

We can provide qualified safety management be it long or short term.

Safety Records Management

Systems Development

In order to be able to prove "Due Diligence" a company needs to maintain the appropriate records.  We can show you what records need to be maintained and how long they need to be maintained.

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